Been Better is the semi-autobiographical web comic by Jimmy Purcell. The characters are real, a lot of the moments are real, but there are many punchlines and tangents that are the result of a delusional cartoonist reacting to the world around him.

Been Better was first published in the Etiwanda High School newspaper, the Aquiline. After graduation, the comic strip found a home with the Chaffey Community College newspaper, the Breeze. It entered the realm of web comics via xanga, then Drunk Duck, then the Rampage Network and now finally as you see it now.

Jimmy Purcell was born and raised in the Inland Empire of Southern California. It was early in his academic career that he fell in love with cartooning, much to the disdain to every teacher who struggled for his attention. With degrees in fine arts and a certificate in Journalism, Jimmy works as a freelance artist/illustrator.


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