That last panel was way too much fun to work on.

First, it was the coming up with all of the liberal armor and weaponry. I think the hilt of the sword is my favorite part. It’s in my left hand because that’s what I draw with. The grip is a sharpie marker, which is what I used most on the protest signs I made throughout the year. I figured that since “the pen is mightier than the sword”, both should be incredibly mighty when combined. Then there’s the guard. I find it entertaining as hell to use the hashtags that Trumpy supporters use when I post my anti-Trumpy artwork on social media. They often like it and follow me without actually paying attention to the content. Which is totally expected of Trumpy supporters.

Second, it was the filling of the background. Conservatives are such fans of deregulating big businesses. Regulations that have been put in place to protect us and the world that we live in. So I had to fill it with the toxicity that comes from unchecked capitalism. Then there’s some symbolic images among the pollution. Lady Liberty is taking a knee. And a flag is seen torn-up and waving at half-mast.

Pretty proud of this comic being the last one of 2017.

In other words…

Bring on 2018.

-Jimmy Purcell.