It’s that time of the year again!

For the past 3 years, Erika Ishii spends her birthdays throwing an awesome 24 hour party where her friends get to play games while viewers watch, interact, and make donations to amazing charitable organizations.

2016: $6,666 to Extra Life.

2017: over $10,000 to ACLU. (she actually ate a tarantula at the 10k mark.)

This year’s donations will be going to World Builders International.

The Erotic Fanfic segment is where a bunch of writers volunteer to write extremely adult stories based on fandoms that they randomly get from suggestions by the chatroom. After they spend an hour writing, they gather together to read their stories for the chat to judge. And while they read, I draw.

CLICK HERE for Erika’s channel. And make sure you tune in for the shenanigans on Saturday!

-Jimmy Purcell.