This comic is based on an experience I had in the Panera Bread near Ontario Mills. I only made the setting resemble Starbucks so that more readers can have the mental connection to names being written on cups. The girl at the register could’ve been just putting on a friendly face to possibly get a tip, don’t know (do they even get tip there?), but she was acting super friendly when she asked about other people calling me James.

Don’t worry. The third panel is completely fictional.

I was in a hurry so I just quickly replied “nope”.

If I wasn’t running late, I might’ve started up a conversation with her. She was really pretty and I have no problem with pissing off the people waiting in line behind me.

Not that this story is humorous at all, but I just like giving you guys some background to how an event in my life gets turned into a comic strip.

-Jimmy Purcell.