I was planning on boycotting the “presidential” debate between Drumpf and Clinton.

Then Hulu made it convenient and I was caught up with my shows, so I figured I’d give it a shot.

Drumpf was the ass-hat we all expected him to be and Clinton said a lot of pretty words.

Just like with Sanders and Stein, those pretty words sound like they’re just trying to win my vote and then do absolutely nothing.

The difference is that I have seen videos of Sanders and Stein putting their words into action. Actually caring about regular people fighting the good fight against the forces of evil.

Here are some videos of Jill Stein being the ethical choice.

Protesting the Dakota Pipeline.

Being consistent on Transgender Rights (2012)

Joining the Black Lives Matter group in LA Town Hall

-Jimmy Purcell.


ps. When I said “forces of evil”, you might think that I include cops in that category. Which is a common mistake when I mention that I support BLM. That is incorrect. Many cops are fantastic at their jobs. Institutional racism is a force of evil.