I mean….it really isn’t that much of a secret.

My spooky friends and I celebrate the spooky side of life every month of the year, but ESPECIALLY during October.

Want to see what some of my friends are up to?

There’s Cheyenne Jaz Wise. A fantastic costumer who is occasionally available for commissions. CLICK HERE for her facebook page.

Do you need more spooky stuff? Then you should check out Spooky’s (and RubenVoorhees1’s) website Villainsinlove.com.

Looking for a ghost story? My friend Connor works for this fun website, whatsyourghoststory.com.

Jojo has plenty of spooky (and adorable) accessories for every occasion. You can see samples of her work and get her website on her Instagram.

Abby and Bryanna are spooky. Don’t know if they wanted me to give you any links to things that they’re doing, but I’llĀ  ask them later.

Vanessa does some of the cutest bows out there. She even made me some custom Pie Guy bows a while ago. You can check out her stuff by CLICKING HERE for her facebook page. Her husband, Martin, is on the end. Also spooky, but without a link to throw at you guys.

Later in the month, you’ll be seeing more strips of other friends of mine who are also into the macabre.

-Jimmy Purcell.